Brides and grooms have an idea of what they want their wedding to look like. If you wish for a themed wedding, which is quite popular nowadays, sit back, and we’ll handle everything from the design to the decor as it needs to be handled with utmost finesse and each detail should be intricate. Whether you want a royal wedding with all the chandeliers, crossbows, swords, etc or a fairy tale themed wedding, with all the flowers, colors, lights. or a chic themed wedding, with all the delicate vases, laced linens, exclusive cocktails. We’ve got it all covered, here at Ggoonjj.

We’ll not only focus on larger details like flowers, mandap, and lightning because a wedding decor is beyond that but also on the delicate, small details like floor, ceiling, the sitting arrangements, creating the perfect centerpieces and arranging them, the stage backdrops, which are kind of a highlight of the whole decor, the mood lightening and even a cool photo booth where your guests can take selfies and enjoy.

We prepare not only for the D-day but also from your engagement to all the other ceremonies in-between, including Mehendi, sangeet, haldi, and the reception party. Our professional team excels in conceptualizing, creating, and coordinating between the themes and your decor expectations.

Our stylist will create the theme and design for your wedding ceremony, other functions, and reception. We will listen to all your ideas, unravel your visions and design your perfect ceremony. We will bring everything together into one cohesive theme and make it the most memorable day of your life. When you enter your wedding venue, you won’t be able to recognize that place as we will transform that space with colors, flowers, linens, centerpieces, and much more.

A promise to make your venue breathtaking. We, Will, make your day so perfect without even a hint of imperfection. The wedding stylist will take all the ideas from the bride, groom, and their families and create such a beautiful setting that will reflect all of their unique style and personality. Even if you want a themed wedding, we’ve got it all covered. Sometimes most couples find it very difficult to agree on one concept or theme but with our help, it’ll become very easy for you, we will come up with the core idea and then slowly bring all the elements together and Viola! Magic will happen.

Organizing a wedding and all the other events can be very time-consuming, from deciding the initial concept to liaising which supplies, vendors, and venues and then making sure that every little detail is pitch-perfect. All of this takes a lot of time and the couples can’t look after all the things. So our wedding planner will save that time of yours and put all of the efforts to make it the most special day of your life.

We have a team of experienced professionals who have handled countless weddings before. This is what we have been doing for all of our lives. We are constantly sourcing new decor and creating fresh designs.

We know all of the best venues present all over the country, so we will accumulate a list for you that will have all the venues under your budget. No matter how big or small the space is we will do everything we can to make your theme work and all of this while keeping in line with the budget.

What do we aim at? Making your special day extremely elegant, classy, out of the box, and beautiful. We at Ggoonjj combine creativity with technology to plan your events and give you the best option for your decor. It’ll not only give a visual effect but also a complete sensory experience.

A design that’ll express the love story of the couple through subtle luxury and simplicity. We’ll deliver our best while being super budget-friendly. We’re pioneers in making your event awe-inspiring and will make sure your guests’ jaws drop when they arrive at your wedding and it becomes the talk of the town.

With decent years of experience in this field, Ggoonjj will make sure that our clients have the wedding of their dreams. You’re leaving your events in the right hands.

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