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Great food, gorgeous decorations, glamorous outfits, these elements have become mandatory at most weddings these days and also they are truly mandatory but also with this favours and the gifts must be given to the guests so that they can have some memory about your wedding. What stays with guests after all the celebrations are over are the beautiful memories that they cherish for lifelong and wedding favours/gifts that they take home with them, that is the reason it must be unique and the best.

These are given an appreciation and thanks to friends and family for making time out to grace your wedding with their presence. We have creative and beautiful ideas for the same, that will definitely impress your guests:

Instant use – it is a very thoughtful idea and guests will truly love this idea. Providing the stuff that can be used instantly is amazing and it will be enjoyed by most of them surely.

Send offs – personalized send offs for the guests is always special and also a great twist for the wedding. Popular favours/gifts include bubbles, sparklers. You can also just attach a cute personalized tag or have your names printed right on the front to make it look gorgeous and quite unique.

Welcoming kits – Another favour/gift option for outstation guests or guests at a destination wedding can include a small kit of useful stuff that would help them in their stay, mixed with some treats and some beautiful message like a thank you message or something.

Environmental friendly – A trend that is very popular in recent times is environmental friendly favours/gifts such as seed packets, small seedlings and many more other things that benefits our environment. They are budget friendly too. They are also meaningful, and make a great gift for absolutely anyone and everyone will surely love that. It also sets up the beauty of the wedding.

Gifts – These are special and often more expensive gifts reserved for the people you are closest to, such as family members, bridesmaids or groomsmen. Expensive gifts will surely be loved by everyone and it is always special. The most popular options include food hampers, engraved gifts, precious metals, monogrammed apparels and the other items such as watches, premium liquor and even some expensive clothes. This will truly impress your guests.

Charitable – Charitable wedding favours/gifts are getting immensely popular amongst the couples looking to give back on their big wedding day. This is nowadays opted by everyone as you only get more and more blessings by doing such eternal works.

We have such creative ideas with us which will surely attract you to us. We offer the best favours/ gifts that your guests can cherish and enjoy lifelong.

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