Wedding makeup Artist

Makeup is the most important thing for the wedding. It is the dream for almost all the brides and grooms to look the most beautiful in their wedding. You would be lying to yourself if you said you haven’t been dreaming of the perfect wedding day ever since you were a little girl. All the girls have had a queen-like picture fit in their mind since their childhood, we are here to fulfill all those dreams. It is our responsibility to turn that dream into a beautiful reality.

You may have your ideal wedding makeup look ready in your mind, but giving it shape, in reality, is a bit tiresome, but here we are ready to do all the tedious work. There are different packages that we offer that include:

1. Budget – we offer different budgets for bridal makeup. It ranges from low to high. You are free to choose your range as per your budget. We try to make the look of the bride special and gorgeous in the budget but yes there will be some little difference. Our sole aim is to depict the dream look of the bride into a reality.

2. The bride and the bridesmaids – some girls’ dream is to make their female friends feel special on their wedding day. We, here offer that kind of makeup as well. We will depict the bride and the bridesmaids into more beautiful on the day.

3. Pre-bridal, post-bridal makeup – we also offer pre and post bridal makeup looks. Many bridal package services these days include makeup not only for the wedding day but right from the beginning of your celebrations, that is from the day of your mehndi or sangeet to your marriage as well as your reception. This is nowadays more preferable as in one shot your whole things can get decided without any kind of trouble. Pre-bridal makeup packages can help you look lovely all through the most memorable days of your life.

4. Trial day – we also offer a trial day where you can get to see your whole bridal look before the wedding day so there will be no kind of tension in your mind and also this is so much recommended as there should be no glitch on the wedding day. Trials will help you decide what matches your skin tone, what looks good on you, and what you can carry off without being uncomfortable.

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