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Now those days are gone where people on the day of their wedding clicked two to three solo pictures, two to three group pictures, and then call it a great day. Nowadays people hire the proper cinematographer and make the proper and at its best short films. We offer pre-wedding shoots also, where we take candid snaps of the family and make a short video for the memories. A popular trend in wedding media content these days is to have a narrated story about the family of the bride, groom, parents, grandparents, siblings, or cousins. It creates emotion and everyone can express themselves and these special memories of the family can be cherished later. It is more like storytelling.

Another drill of the wedding will be that our photographers/ cinematographers will be capturing the candid pictures for the day. Candid pictures really make the occasion more special. The candid pictures include ‘first-look’ moments, such as the expression of the mother or father when they see the wedding dress for the first time. Timing is everything when its about capturing candids and natural reactions. And our team is ready to capture all those moments of awe.

When it comes to pre-wedding shoots, choosing a theme is very essential. The Categories like Classic, Western and Underwater have been very popular for a while, with photographers developing specialized expertise in each of them. A beautiful location is a key for a perfect shot, some families are even willing to travel abroad for the pre-wedding shoot and with this, we can have more beautiful shots. A bonus of having a pre-wedding shoot is that the images can be used in the invitation card that will truly make the invitation card look more beautiful and attractive. It will really make a good impression on the guests.

Also, we will be decorating the hall with the old photographs of the family members so it will create nostalgia. Being specialists in Indian Wedding Photography, we will capture each and every important moment, making both the bride and groom and their families happy with all the Wedding Photos, the Wedding Albums, and the overall experience with us. A large part of our success with Indian Wedding Photography has been our ability to capture all of the vibrant colors with all the various techniques at our best levels. We have special packages for an Indian wedding that basically includes coverage for Mehndi Parties, Sangeet, and, of course, the Wedding Day.

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