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Looking for a Wedding Stylist to make your special day even more memorable? Can’t figure out what to wear? Having difficulty in choosing the right attire for the right function?

Don’t worry, we have the perfect solution for you: A Wedding Stylist, i.e, someone who’ll select all your clothing, for your pre-wedding, wedding, reception shoots, and otherwise. The Wedding Stylists at Ggoonjj have a keen eye for the latest trends so that you will look fashionable, elegant, and stunning on your special day. They have a creative flair and extensive imagination that will transform your entire look, from bold to beautiful, from chic to elegant, or whichever style you want. They have a strong passion and knowledge of the fashion industry, to make you look the trendiest bride and groom of all.

If you think your fashion sense is not so good or barely tolerable, we’ve got you. Our stylists will assist the clients with a bridal gown or suit/sherwani selections to the stores, boutique shops, or wedding attire rental stores. Tell determine the styling preferences, take measurements and select suitable gowns/suits for fitting purposes and if necessary, can also advise on matching bridal accessories.

Trousseau shopping is a very tedious process and it’s necessary to start planning prior so that you’ll have enough time for hassle-free packing and wardrobe curation. All the alterations, fittings, trials, take time and no one can do it in a hurry. The Wedding Stylist at Ggoonjj will take it slow as per your convenience and discuss all the purchases and will avoid impulse or last-minute indulgence. They will help you prepare a list of all the things that you will require in your profession, and lifestyle as Trousseau depends on the kind of life you’re going to have after marriage.

The shoppers will design your Trousseau wardrobe from traditional to casual, from chic to sexy, from elegant to kinky. So, that you won’t miss out on anything. And we’ll do all that while keeping in line with the budget. We’ll chalk out a plan for you with multiple choices and guide you in the entire process, from selecting to stitching or buying.

We offer this service both to brides based in India who have no idea about where to begin their shopping and are looking for help or brides based outside India who has limited time available on their shopping trip. Even if you can’t travel from store to store or are too tired to design your wardrobe, we can assist you with your wedding shopping with consultations over Skype/Zoom/ WhatsApp video call or any other means you’re comfortable in and ship your wedding wear to you. And we at Ggoonjj can assist you with shopping and styling for not just the bride but also the groom and the entire family.

Here are some reasons why you need a Wedding Stylist for your wedding:​

  • They will save so much of your time. Instead of going back and forth to the designer stores, all you need to do is tell the stylist what you are looking for and they will do all the things for you.
  • They will shortlist the most suitable locations and outfits.
  • ​They’re highly trained professionals in their respective fields, so they will choose something that will suit your personality and body type.
  • Sometimes it’s very difficult to find an outfit you’re 100% comfortable in. Now it’s imperative that you choose something that’ll enhance your features and for that, you’ll spend most of your time researching and then customizing. So, the stylist will ease this job and pick out silhouettes and colors that will go with your body, skin tone and make you look gorgeous, and help you feel confident.

​Many times we choose outfits that look lovely but don’t go with the theme, temperature, time, and venue, and until we realize it, it’s already too late.

For eg. If you’re getting married in a place like Rajasthan, where the temperature is hot most of the time, you’ll need lighter fabrics, lighter hues, and the kind of embroidery that won’t look too stark in the sunlight. A Wedding Stylist will figure this out for you.

So, to rock your special day even more and bring that extra sass to the events, you need a Wedding Stylist. Our stylists will take care of all the things, from dresses to make-up to hair, and will make sure that you look drop-dead gorgeous on your day and no one can take their eyes away from you.

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